Our Ethical Approach

Each product we create is a testament to the meticulous, heartfelt effort of the skilled hands that make them. It's not just about where our products are made, but about the people who make them and how.


Embracing Slow Fashion: Our Pledge

At the core of Kin Custom is our unwavering commitment to slow fashion. We eliminate order minimums and embrace a made-to-order model, focusing on the quality of our products, not the quantity. This approach not only upholds our ethical values but also significantly reduces environmental risks. Zero inventory means no excess stock, no mass production, and consequently, no unnecessary environmental burden.

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A Journey of Handmade Excellence

When we talk about 'handmade' products at Kin Custom, we're referring to a meticulous, multi-part process that ensures each item is crafted with personal attention and care. Here's how it works:

Step 1. Print

First, the design you choose is printed onto the fabric. This step is all about precision and ensuring the print aligns perfectly with the design specifications.


Step 2. Cut

Next, the printed fabric is cut into the specific pieces that will make up your product. This is done by hand, allowing for careful attention to the details of the fabric's pattern and alignment.


Step 3. Hand Sewn

Finally, the cut pieces are hand-sewn together to create the final product. This step is crucial, as it's where the product takes its final shape contributing to a high-quality, unique item.

From Our Hands To Yours

Kin Custom's all-over print products are brought to life by hands that understand the language of craftsmanship. Experience the difference of a personal touch and feel the warmth of craftsmanship into every stich. Our all-over print products are more than fashion- they're stories sewn by skilled production experts, ensuring each piece is a personalized masterpiece crafted just for you.

Ethical Manufacturing Practices

We believe that sustainability is as much about people as it is about the planet. Our ethical manufacturing standards adhere to Sedex SMETA standards in our factories. This includes maintaining fair labor practices, safe working conditions, and strict adherence to environmental regulations. Regular audits are conducted to ensure ongoing compliance with these standards, reflecting our commitment to ethical and responsible production.


Materials Made In Confidence

We understand that true sustainability extends far beyond our direct operations and into the very heart of our supply chain. That’s why we’ve committed ourselves to a rigorous and thorough process in choosing suppliers who not only align with our sustainability goals but also adhere to strict compliance regulations. We carefully select our materials to ensure they meet high environmental and ethical standards, reducing our ecological footprint and ensuring the sustainability of our products.


Eco-Friendly Unboxing

Our dedication to sustainability is woven into every aspect of our operations, especially our packaging. Proudly, all our packaging materials are made from 100% recycled content and are fully recyclable. This commitment ensures that while we help you express your personal style, we also protect the environment, reducing waste and conserving resources. Join us in our journey towards a greener, more sustainable world - one order at a time.

Ink & Insight - Your Questions Answered

Slow fashion at Kin Custom is a sustainable approach to fashion that emphasizes the creation of high-quality, customizable products made on a per-order basis. This method eliminates excess inventory and waste associated with mass production, ensuring each item is crafted with care and intention, reducing the environmental impact and supporting ethical manufacturing practices.

With our wide variety of products ranging from handmade to premade, you can review this information on the product detail page. Simply select the product you want to design and under product details will list this information.

  • Customization and Detail: The handmade process allows for greater customization and attention to detail, as each part of the product is individually crafted and assembled.
  • Quality and Durability: Handmade items often boast higher quality and durability due to the meticulous process and personal attention each item receives.
  • Uniqueness: Each handmade item is unique, given the nature of its creation process, whereas premade products are more uniform and less personalized.

In summary, while premade products offer efficiency and uniformity, handmade items from Kin Custom provide a level of customization, quality, and uniqueness that is unparalleled, making each product not just an item, but a personal craft.

Kin Custom takes several steps to minimize its carbon footprint, including optimizing our manufacturing processes for energy efficiency, using sustainable materials, and implementing waste reduction practices. Additionally, our made-to-order model significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with mass production and excess stock, furthering our commitment to being an environmentally responsible company.

Our print-on-demand model plays a significant role in our sustainable approach. By producing items only when they are ordered, we eliminate overproduction and reduce waste associated with excess inventory. This not only supports environmental sustainability but also ensures that every product is freshly crafted for each customer.